some notes about my work

My work is about navigation of spaces and places, a mapping of space in time, through a female lens. I’m interested in the way that “Environments inhabit us”(Agnes Varda, Filmmaker).

• I explore conflicted exterior and interior spaces. The particular spaces I inhabit inform the work, from moorland to the domestic environment.

• Walking is central to my methodology, much of my work is a documentary of a walk, literally and metaphorically. My walking serves as a vital editing process. The work is what remains after an extensive process of edit and erasure. It’s an approach that makes fragmentary, displaced images haunted by elements of a place.

• I make work across multiple materials including drawings, prints, collage, body adornments, films and artist books. I use materials & technology to hand out of necessity and out of sustainabilty values.

• Seriality, scale and duration are current concerns. In this work I focus on the otherness and distance of landscape against the context of a human scale, contextualized by a tiny moss, a lichen or a kitchen utensil. Also the otherness and distance of landscape experienced through screens and lenses.

• My practice is under-pinned by eco-feminist theories, sustainability ethics and a raised consciousness of materiality in a digital age.