Frottage Collage.

A good old fashioned 'Cut and Paste' workshop.

Technically accessible from year 3 upwards.

Requires minimal materials.

This workshop encourages children to explore their environment by walking around looking for good textures to take rubbings (frottages) from, a simple process, that done well, can have stunning results. A process that is also easily done outside the formal classroom setting at home with a few basic materials. Top tips and great examples are demonstrated utilising various children's toys and kitchen utensils, however, the beauty of this workshop is that is can be very unique to the particular setting. It involves exploration of sensory skills, in particular the sense of touch, feeling textures and making the rubbings using a range of drawing media. It is adaptable to suit the ability of children to move around their environment, it can be very physical and active or stationary. It is great at encouraging interaction between children, discussing and sharing findings. It also encourages resourcefulness, experimentation and original discovery. And that is just the starting point, at which point a whole range of different directions can be taken. In this example children select and cut out the best bits in geometric shapes, arranging the parts to create icebergs. Developing selection skills, understanding of shape and composition and how to make all the parts appear like they 'belong' to each other. Themes are easily adaptable, I use the same process on the theme of plants and animals with great success. There is potential to adapt for individual or collaborative work, although the very nature of this workshop encourages at least some level of collaboration.