Introducing 'Linocut' Printmaking. 

  • Paper Cuts For Lino
    Paper Cuts For Lino
  • Paper Stencilling
    Paper Stencilling
  • 2 Colour Lino Print on Red
    2 Colour Lino Print on Red

Technically accessible to year groups 5 and 6.

Introducing 'Design' concepts.

From initial paper cut designs through to finished multi-colour linocut prints, this workshop introduces children to working with basic materials to develop complex design ideas.

It encourages understanding of wet and dry materials and practical motor skills in Drawing; Cutting (with scissors); Lino-cutting tools; Alignment; Applying ink and Printing.

Design work enables children to explore the formal elements of design including Shape (Organic and Geometric); Scale; Pattern; Symmetry and Composition.

There is much scope for further developing skills, materials and techniques, including

- Repeat pattern design

- Printing on a range of material surfaces

- Individual & or collaborative work across a whole range of themes.

This example introductory workshop looks at basic pattern and shape design but this could be easily adapted to explore themes such as architecture, landscape, portraiture etc.